About us

Travel in Tibet is a local tour operator which is completely owned and operated by Tibetan. We established the company in 2015 with all our enthusiasm and inspiration. Our team represent the young Tibetan generation and a new-born strength which is totally different from others. Based on the traditional mode of tour operation we added and created more ways which made us high standard, high quality and high efficiency. We have advanced modern office establishment, highly efficient management and exact quality guides which have been engaged in tour career of many years. Most of them speak four languages , they are knowledgeable ,trustful, well-trained ,suit in any situations and great companions of you. We mainly operate the tour in central

Tibet and our sole purpose is to present Tibet to you , let you see the real life of Tibetan and let you experience the authentic Tibetan culture. We will make your tour unforgettable. As a Tibetan, we are confident to show a different way to see and know Tibet culturally , spiritually and historically.

Tibet is a big resource which has giant tourism market potential however most of people are lack of awareness to preserve this unique resource. However our company concerns more on responsible tour operations in Tibet. Eco-tourism is the main principle of our company and each staff participate the eco-tourism training class every year in order to raise their awareness to protect environment, to benefit local community, to be responsible even in a single tour. We concerns more on local business, supporting local people and encouraging them to develop their own business, like handicrafts, local products and local travel souvenirs etc. We have developed a long-term corporation relationship with them and we will be working on that better and better.

“ Take less , give more ” – this Tibetan saying will encourage us to go further and to be a better team.

TRAVEL IN TIBET – Your best travel companion.

Our Staff

Penpa Tsering
General manager & Tour operator

Penpa was born and raised in Tibet. He has been working as a tour guide since 2005 after his graduation from Beijing International Studies University and Global Nomad French Training Course. In tour career, He has worked as an English and French speaking guide for 11 years in Tibet on cultural tour, sightseeing tour , adventure tour and especially trekking. 11 -years-experience, clients’ feedback and satisfaction of his service encouraged him to open up Tibet Voyager Co., Ltd which is based on central tibet and operated by Tibetan.

To show real Tibet with best experience is his mission and make your dream of Visiting Tibet come true is his happiness.

Pasang Tsering
Sales manager & Tour operator

PasangTsering was born and raised in a typical Tibetan family in Lhasa city. With the edification of his parents and grandparents , he ardently loves Tibetan culture , history and his beautiful homeland-Tibet. After the graduation he made up his mind to come back to Tibet and work in Tibet. His dream came true in 2009 for being a tour guide.
Until now he has worked as a tour guide for eight years. This great profession made him more eager to learn and share.
He established Tibet voyager Co.,Ltd with his partner Penpa in 2015 and now he works as a tour operator. With all passion, they are confident to show you the authentic Tibetan culture, history and unique sight-seeings.

Tashi Wangdui
Coordinator & Travel Adviser

Mr.  Wangdui was born in Purang ( Ngari region) .He studied Travel & Tourism at Stevenson College in Edinburgh and travelled many parts of European countries. Since 2010, he has been working as a licensed Tour Guide in Tibet and  He guides different tour groups using English,  Chinese,  French and Nepalese.   He is also one of few teachers training tour guides in Tibet. Now he works as a travel constant for Tibet Voyager and he is expecting to answer all your questions.

Assistant Manager

Mr. SumDrup was born in Lokha region where you find the origin of Tibetan culture and history. As he graduated from DongKhar language school , he participated the national tour guide examination and passed it successfully. In 2009 he started to work as an English speaking tour guide in Tibet. It has been almost seven years as a tour guide. In 2015
Tibet Voyager was established and he became one of them. Now he works as a manager assistant with all his experience and passion.